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Ms.Erbil has an Honours Degree in Business Management and a graduate degree in Public Administration specializing in Non-Profits. Committed to education and community work, Jane has taken courses and graduated from Wordsworth College/ University of Toronto to help new immigrants. She is a member of the Canadian Board Diversity Council and volunteers on leading Toronto-based non-profits.


She has started A-Game Consulting with a vision to support the Senior Directors who have lots of passion & ambition and to remove the constraints between them and the success of their top-shelf projects…


A-Game Consulting operate as a reliable, contemporary, trustworthy business ally who will improve the clients’ resources and eliminate their constraints thus allowing them focus on growth and core business. The services are designed to substantiate tough decisions and enable successful results.

Ms.Erbil is a seasoned management strategist and a hands-on manager enabling and advancing the road map to the target. She takes an entrepreneurial approach in every role and leverages her strong strategic planning, creative and interpersonal skills to achieve the business objectives. She is known for defining, leading and monitoring a variety of projects from ideation to implementation through a determined, persistent, persuasive and open-minded approach. She challenges herself and her team to be creative and extraordinary. As an A- Game player, she feels content only when her team maximizes their full potential.


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