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It is not about making profit; it’s about creating social value and social benefit. Your non-profit organization has developed expertise in more than one area that can help the community or other organizations. We guide you through a holistic process and work with you to create an enterprise model to maximize returns on your in-house talents. Follow your social mission while we design a template for a self-funding, self-standing program, enabling you to become one of the leaders in the not-for-profit landscape.


Are you planning to be an accredited institution in your community? Would you like to access wider resources but lack the time and internal capacity to tackle the missing policies and procedures? Policies and Procedures are not only for accreditation purposes; they are essential for improving efficiency and effectiveness, and they also pave the way for ongoing success. How many case studies have we read where organizations failed or lost their momentum simply because they did not plan for success in a systemized way? A-Game Consulting will take over this task, analyze the culture of your organization, research the best-in-class examples and design a set of policies and procedures that are functional and user-friendly.


Being overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks and a lack of internal resources should not be keeping you from playing your A-Game. We understand the needs and ambitions of your organization, so delegate the work to us. We will develop actionable strategic steps in order for you and your team to carry out your plan. If you would prefer to maintain control of the process, we can simply assist by providing an external viewpoint while engaging in the process as you brainstorm with your management team.


Do you feel overwhelmed by ideas and projects that you cannot put into action because you do not have the time and resources? We can assist you by raising funds for your next project or expanding awareness for the services your organization provides. We can help develop your brand and marketing plan or create communication collateral. Think about those projects that have been sitting on your to-do list for an extended time, and give us a call. There is no obstacle we cannot overcome when our team and your organization are both determined to make it happen.

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